How to select LED bulbs

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LED bulbs - Bulbs for its high light efficiency, energy saving (not mercury), does not produce harmful light such as UV, long life, is being more and more consumers. As the market products LED bulbs, mixed, select a high efficiency energy saving long life LED bulbs is not easy to buy a light effect as if the energy-saving lamps, LED life than incandescent bulbs, it was not worth the candle.
 How can we choose a good LED bulb do?
 First, the choice of brands, sales of existing LED light bulbs larger countries such as Japan, Europe, the big brands accounted for the majority of shares, but the big brands are not necessarily the best, an internationally renowned brand models of LED bulbs, some of its luminous efficiency of 25% lower than the energy-saving lamps, we choose the big brands just because of his more true given the data, such as brightness and power consumption, as well as service life, but there is a big brand great disadvantage, that is - you!

Second, the general brand, because LED bulbs for lighting or a new thing, we are all a trademark printed on the packaging, clearly marked the parameters of the products are summarized as a general brand, these brands are generally wants to do good quality, otherwise will not play their own brand, but due to technical and other reasons, their product is the biggest difference may be the best of these brands are LED bulb lights, their top quality relatively inexpensive, there are very poor, especially in the products rated in life, is not necessarily accurate. If life is given over 50,000 hours, we must consider which elements of the false.

Write so much, it seems, or how to choose the LED light bulb has not said a core point, if you are eager to know more, please skip this paragraph. In fact a good LED light bulbs, in addition to the four elements of green light, there is an important point, that is, long life. Contains the complete content of green lighting and efficient energy saving, environmental protection, safety, comfort and other four indicators, essential. 1, high efficiency refers to the high luminous efficiency, saving energy, it is not difficult to understand, 2, environmental protection, it was considered highly efficient energy saving, we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, also environmental protection, and this is just one of the important The product can not have harmful substances, such as the 'mercury'. 3, security refers not produce ultraviolet light, infrared and other harmful light, does not produce light pollution, electrical properties of a good meet safety regulations. 4, comfortable and refers to a clear, soft, no glare, no flicker, high color rendering. 5, long life.
To select a good, cost-effective LED bulbs, LED bulbs are the best know better how to meet the requirements of the above five points.
 1), high efficiency, the efficiency of light bulbs more than 60LM / W, can power than fluorescent energy-saving lamps, preferably more than 90LM / W, the higher the better (optical effects to work in the stable to calculate the flux, but not in the initial brightness, the brightness of the general stable lower than the initial brightness of more than 10%). To achieve high light efficiency, first, the need to select the LED light source with high luminous efficiency. Second, the need to select efficient LED power supply. Third, the need to select the shade of high light transmittance.
 A high luminous efficiency of LED light, LED light emitting efficiency of at least more than 110LM / W. Please note that some lamps marked the luminescence efficiency, LED light source is actually effective, and if so our LED bulbs more than 130LM / W a. Some packaging factory, advertising the shows, the luminous efficiency more than 110LM / W, no false, we bought over the measured, much lower than this value, asked why, they told the detection method, their approach to LED with 350mA constant current, luminous flux, there 110LM / W. When we tell 350mA constant current, they are all samples of the voltage more than 3.5V, the other nothing to say. We counted about (3.5V x 0.35A = 1.225W, 110/1.225 = 89.79LM / W) does not exceed the actual photosynthetic efficiency 90LM / W.

Second, high-efficiency power supply, at present, LED drive power is divided into three groups, RC Buck, electronic and non-isolated power supply isolated power.
 RC-buck power supply has three advantages, high efficiency, simple structure, low cost, disadvantage is that power can not produce larger products, there are strobe light, reliability, low life expectancy is relatively short, the most important is the safety of low, LED tube foot charged.
 Electronic non-isolated constant current power supply, high efficiency, structure and price advantage of relatively isolated power supply is more, almost no strobe light-emitting high reliability, good product, but security is low, LED pin charged, if the lamp broken, probably cause electric shock.
 Electronic isolated constant current source, the relative efficiency of slightly non-isolated power supply, no strobe light, isolation circuit, safe and reliable.
 Recommended to choose Isolated Constant Current power supply, must be safe and reliable is the most important, and isolation circuit harmonics, lightning surge, high-frequency interference light criterion superior to the other two driving method, practice, non-isolated damage more.
 7W LED bulbs use less isolated constant current power supply efficiency higher than 80% of the best.
 3, shade selection, shade and high light transmission is relatively bright glare, and light for too high there will glare bright LED light bulbs, the best option is at the critical point, that is, see highlights of the maximum light transmission when sex. Now is a common chip used in white-glass lamp shade, high light transmission, no bright spots. There is also proliferation of PC light lamp shades, such as Toshiba TOSHIBA ECORE LEL-AW6N / 2, but the PC can see the bright lamp, next to could see the LED aperture. As ordinary consumers to choose which shade the LED light bulb, the choice is yours, and the fragile glass lamp shade, PC lampshade with bright aperture and unbreakable. Or whether the future can be bright spot in a truly uniform optical PC lampshade, it would be the best choice. We have been working hard.

2), environmental protection, energy efficiency is environmentally friendly, this is very simple, LED's another big advantage is that it does not contain mercury, that most of the LED bulbs are the same, many times before.

3), security, in addition to safety, but also reliable, safe, including two, one, light security, not out harmful light such as ultraviolet and infrared light, 99% of all mercury-containing fluorescent tubes will output ultraviolet light, or more or nothing less, LED light is not out harmful ultraviolet and infrared light, that almost all of the LED are the same (except for special UV LED). Second, electrical safety, noted above, for LED work reliably inhibit surge damage, and to prevent glare, even the safe and reliable, be sure to select isolated constant current drive, which is more easily through safety regulations LVD and EMC, indeed more effective guarantee of security.
 4), comfortable, how to achieve a clear, soft, no glare, no flicker, high color, good shade without bright light soft, light scattering of a small reduction of the brightness of the background and the light is poor, so as to avoid glare; the most high-frequency DC power good LED driver does not appear strobe; high color of LED to achieve a more clear and precise illumination.
 5), long life LED bulbs are generally more than 20,000 hours, lumen maintenance at 70%, the so-called (L70). LED Lifetime (Decay to 70%). U.S. Energy Star standards of life is 25,000 hours of not less than 70%, proved the greatest impact on the LED lamp life is the temperature, most of the LED, the temperature at 50 ℃, the temperature rise for each 5 ℃, life expectancy will be reduced 18%. Cooling of the LED lighting is essential, of course, the best is to reduce the fever, in order to avoid the use of large heat dissipating. When the ambient temperature is 30 ℃, Philips (PHILIPS 5E27A60) work surface temperature can reach 65 ℃, LED light source core temperature exceeds 80 ℃ (estimated value), Philips model given the nominal value of 25 000 life hours -25 years; XineLam (XEL-A40) work surface temperature can reach 48 ℃, LED light source core temperature of 68 ℃ (measured value), XEL-A40 is a nominal life of 36,000 hours -18 years, the nominal life In fact, in accordance with Arrhenius model (Arrhenius model) estimated that the average temperature setting 20 ℃. Of course, the quality of LED light source also affects the life of the product, including chip, phosphor, silicone, support and packaging technology will affect the life of the LED light source; there is the drive power section, of which, the life of electrolytic capacitors is almost the equivalent of driving Power of life, so use a good electrolytic capacitors, are also critical of the LED light bulb, so there are many companies in the development of the driver does not use electrolysis. -18 --- Above 36,000 hours, the estimated 5.5 hours per day, PHILIPS 5E27A60 25000H -25 years, might refer to it 2.7 hours per day.
Possible now, you still do not understand how to choose a good LED bulb, it simpler. If you only need to purchase a small LED light bulbs for personal use, please note the following:
 1, see the appearance, performance, no matter how good, you do not even look like ---- nonsense
 2, see parameters, the nominal value of focus are: luminous flux, unit of Lumen, power consumption, unit W, Lumen / W that is luminous efficiency, high luminous efficiency were better; life; lamp standards
 3, see light that look bright, light color to see whether there are glare, bright, extra spot, whether the soft clear.
 4, touch temperature, the mean surface temperature at steady work, you can touch the actual temperature low as well, please note that most of the LED light bulb is hot, hot to blame me!
 There are two points, LED light bulbs into adjustable type and non-adjustable light pattern, generally in the box are clearly marked, please look carefully, and opt-in is the most important. Humidity areas, select the lamp copper nickel, iron, nickel-plated rust easily (see photo), testing method - holding magnet on the list!
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 Maybe you can, like ordinary consumers,  to select the right LED bulbs now!